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How to Install and Configure ELK stack using Ansible playbook on AWS Ubuntu

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How to Install and Configure ELK stack using Ansible playbook on AWS Ubuntu

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·Sep 29, 2022·

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Table of contents


  1. AWS account

Tight your grip on the handle as we start on this rollercoaster ride


Step 1. Create an EC2 instance

Create 2 EC2 instances (ansible-master and ansible-node) with t2.xlarge instance type.



Step 2. Setup ansible in ansible-master

Install ansible in ansible-master

To install and setup ansible in the Master node use the below commands(as root):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install software-properties-common
sudo apt-add-repository --yes --update ppa:ansible/ansible
sudo apt install ansible

To check if successfully installed or not

ansible --version


To Generate SSH key



Copy the key generated for further use.

 cat /root/.ssh/id_rsa.pub


Step 3. Configuring ansible-node

In ansible-node type the following command:

cd .ssh

Open authorized_keys file using your vim code editor.

sudo vim authorized_keys

And paste the key generated in Step 2. and save the file.


Install net-tools package to IP address of ansible-node.

sudo apt install net tools

Now get the I.P. Address of the ansible-node using ifconfig


image.png The IP address of ansible-node is will be different)

In the ansible-master
Try establishing an SSH connection from the ansible-master using the below command:


(Note: Change with your ansible-node IP address.)


Type exit to exit from ssh connection.

Step 4. Establishing Connection between ansible-master and ansible-node.

In the ansible-master Edit the hosts file located in /etc/ansible/hosts

vim /etc/ansible/hosts

Add the following line in hosts file



Save and exit the file.

To test if the ansible-master is connected to ansible-node type the below command in ansible-master:

ansible -m ping all


Final Step. Running ansible-playbook


(Note: All the below commands are for ansible-master) Cloning the ansible playbook from GitHub.

git clone https://github.com/Abhishek-569/ansible-elk-playbook.git
cd  ansible-elk-playbook/
cd ansible-elk-playbook/

(Repetition is not a mistake) You can now see the content of main.yml and the roles folder in the current directory.


ansible-playbook  main.yml



Changing the in-Bound rules of security-group

To establish an HTTP connection with ElasticSearch (running at :9200 port) and Kibana(running at :5601 port) Change the inbound rules of the security group associated with ansible-node.


That is done now you can access the ElasticSearch at the public IP address of ansible-node with port 9200.(HTTP://{your_ansible-node_public_ip}:9200)

image.png And kibana at (HTTP://{your_ansible-node_public_ip}:5601)


----------------------------------------------The END---------------------------------------------------- image.png

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